The Upside Down World Thinking!

I am writing a book which deals with the concept whether global thinking has reached the point where it has become Upside Down? It is to create an interactive medium and awareness by the common folk that the planet’s leaders have fallen into the trap of upside down world thinking. This book deals with this phenomenon in a completely different way.

To illustrate this, just take the main title and the sub-title! Does this not illustrate how skewed all our thinking has become? Do the leaders in positions of power and influence not clearly see that by eliminating poverty, that those folk who are affected will become their future employees, consumers and even become entrepreneurs, thus creating a larger tax base, more employment and thus profits for businesses?

The book is not only about an author laying his ideas, concepts and vision on a reader but about that reader being able to help write the book. It is logical that not everyone will think the same but at least if I as the author and my voting public will adjudicate what the majority think. I wish Governments, corporations and managers would listen to their voters and people the   world and the working place would be a much better place for ALL to live in.

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