The Upside Down World Thinking!

I am writing a book which deals with the concept whether global thinking has reached the point where it has become Upside Down? It is to create an interactive medium and awareness by the common folk that the planet’s leaders have fallen into the trap of upside down world thinking. This book deals with this phenomenon in a completely different way.

To illustrate this, just take the main title and the sub-title! Does this not illustrate how skewed all our thinking has become? Do the leaders in positions of power and influence not clearly see that by eliminating poverty, that those folk who are affected will become their future employees, consumers and even become entrepreneurs, thus creating a larger tax base, more employment and thus profits for businesses?

The book is not only about an author laying his ideas, concepts and vision on a reader but about that reader being able to help write the book. It is logical that not everyone will think the same but at least if I as the author and my voting public will adjudicate what the majority think. I wish Governments, corporations and managers would listen to their voters and people the   world and the working place would be a much better place for ALL to live in.

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The Upside Down World Thinking!

A Brave New World Order!

Revised 29 January, 2015.

A “Brave New World Order” or “The World’s Waste Will Feed The Poor!”

First authored by George L. Joubert on 18-Sep-08 at 3:04pm

Your Success Is My Success!

How many ethical, moral, educated, thinking business people and educated, thinking, moral, ethical, honest, young adults in the entire world believe it is time for “A Brave New World Order”? Surely no-one can be satisfied with the status quo of our planet, when millions of human beings go to bed hungry each day, babies and children starve to death and thousands die of hunger and malnutrition? I believe we have reached the stage in our decision-making which I call “The Upside Down World Thinking”. It is NOT about creating a World Government. On the contrary it is about reducing the power of those whom are voted into power and then abuse their authority and the taxpayers’ money by feathering their own nests and those they favour.

It is about getting back to the concept of governing “by the people for the people”. Every human on this planet was born free and equal. It is NOT for some egotistical, greedy individual or small group of power-hungry individuals to control, manage and manipulate others.  The resources that were given freely to the planet do NOT belong to a few but to all voyagers on this planet. Those who come and go!

I am fully aware of the negative connotation of the original, shorter “World Order” title but my heading suffices for now, for want of a better one! I have added the word “Brave” to my title because I sincerely believe it is going to take much bravery on the part of all parties to implement this concept especially the youth who must question the “old school” brainwashing concepts and ways.

I propose that “A Brave New World Order” should become the basis to destroy Evil wherever it may be and to eliminate poverty from this planet. Poverty is the REAL No. 1 enemy with unemployment and lack of adequate education facilities and brilliant teachers being No. 2, No.3 and No. 4. It is even a reason for the planet’s over-population but this is NOT a reason to murder unborn infants! Would you have chosen to be aborted? We might be destroying another Einstein or Gandhi.

However, I think that the South African initiative named LeadSA could become one of the forums for this planet. Let the South African Rainbow nation not only LeadSA and its people but lead the rest of the people on this planet by creating an example for them to follow! Currently, we are sinking into the mire of despair caused by greedy, bad and corrupt leadership all over the world.

We have an ideal opportunity right now to change to a better and Braver World Order as the global financial crisis worsens and it is not improving, irrespective of what our politicians tell us. We are living in a false sense of financial security. Logically, one must question how printing more and more paper or fiat currency can solve the planet’s financial crisis. Ultimately, the banking systems will fail! We have to create a new, better and safer currency that no-one can control. For example using Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. Only by shutting down the Internet and telecommunication would it be possible for Governments to control us as citizens of this planet. People are panicking  because Britain has done the right thing and left the European Union because they are so controlled and dependent on the “systems” that have been put in place to make the few, favoured few wealthy beyond the average person’s dreams.

It is my view that the world is at still at war! At best reaching its tipping point and at worst about to collapse around us because of Complacency, Apathy, Procrastination, Greed, Egos (CAPEG). My belief is that these are serious “diseases” of the modern world which need to be addressed immediately before it is too late. We all know of the many Lazaruses sitting at our doorstep but do very little to alleviate their suffering!

When one reads that the entire wealth of this planet is owned by 1% of its people and that this elite 1%’s wealth equals the total 99% that owned by the rest of us, then surely it is time to address this disgusting imbalance. When 42-bilion kilograms of the USA’s food goes uneaten each year or 15-million tons of the food in Britain is wasted annually and yet children die of starvation and malnutrition then our thinking has reached the Upside Down thinking point. A recent statistic released in South Africa shows that one out of four children are stunted because of poor nutrition. This also affects their ability to learn. We all complain about crime and unemployment but I pose the question: “What would YOU do if you woke up each day — supposing you survived the night — to no house, no food, no clothes, no money, no job, no future and no hope?

We read about the many conflict zones in the world today and the number of our fellow beings who are living in poverty, trafficked, sold, prostituted, raped, suffering, kidnapped, tortured, intimidated, jailed, exploited or murdered to benefit a minority of greedy and egotistical beings and yet the majority do nothing!

The time has arrived for narcissistic tyrants, despots, dictators, tinpot leaders and criminals to be brought to book. I propose a solution! What if citizens of this planet or a country, donated a monthly fee to become a member of CLAF? CLAF stands for “Citizens’ Legal Aid Fund”. This fund must be transparently managed by a well-respected and trusted body, for all members to view and for them to monitor and follow the way the funds are used to start Class Actions against these Evil minority. Even if it means appointing overseas legal teams to take them to the ICC.

Just look at the recent “civil wars” in Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Nigeria, Syria and Iraq. It appears that those who have been oppressed or controlled and robbed for years have had enough! Will the people’s wealth be returned to them? CLAF could become the legal vehicle that will make this happen.

Another example is the environmental disaster in the Gulf a few years ago which was caused by the greedy oil barons! Were these people held responsible and accountable for the losses to those whose livelihood depends on the Creator-given sea and oil? Should not some of that free wealth be used to alleviate poverty on the planet? When I hear of an oil sheik who owns 30 Rolls-Royces while millions of people starve to death, I become disgusted and horrified at this appalling waste of the Creator-given resources! I am quite sure many readers could give me hundreds of such examples. This is an interactive Blog so I welcome anyone who wishes to contribute in a positive way. If anyone feels it necessary to criticize please let us agree to disagree and move on.

There is also an unforgivable breakdown of communication in this advanced technology age, due to language barriers and technology shortcomings which MUST be addressed by the more fortunate! Your future consumers, employees and entrepreneurs are waiting in squatter camps and ghettos for you to help them out of their dilemmas! I challenge any extremely wealthy person by asking “what they would do if they had no food, no shelter, no education, no job, no hope and a family to support and to wake up every day to no future but had none of the privileges wealth brings? Would they not steal to survive?

We must stop those who manipulate the marketplaces, our natural resources, both the local and international banking systems, legal systems, media and politics of the world, which, as anyone in business should know, can only be controlled for a period of time before the “market” catches on and turns on these people. This needs to be hastened by those who have the power to do so!

Just take some of the “free”, Creator-provided resources — food, oil, gold, coal, other minerals, the air, the land, clean water and the sea — as examples! These belong to all of us not just a few greedy corporates.

Then there are Foreign Exchange rates and interest rates which are sore points with me! Especially when I see Third World countries being raped by those egotists and greedy people who manipulate these poorer economies by something they call Forex dealings and inflation! I was taught by an Economist and I now believe his theory that Governments are the real cause of inflation. Let’s stop this manipulation and theft of the poors’ and middle-classes’ wealth!How many of us are aware that the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the wealthy has taken place in the last five years. Look at the increase in the number of Dollar billionaires for example.

Should we accept that others i.e. Governments and banks control the interest rate one pays? What is the true value of our currency? Should one accept the false value Governments place on pieces of paper they print by the trillions? Should one accept inflation or food shortages or rising food prices when there is land aplenty to grow our food? Should food, land, gold and oil not be allowed to find their OWN values rather than being controlled by these “manipulators”? Our gold reserves should be worth R-trillions more than what they agree! Are you not asking yourself why China, India and Russia are buying $-millions of gold? I know I am.

Our own South African Government should “force” other countries to beneficiate our raw materials on our shores rather than a few benefiting from exporting our resources to places like Britain, USA, Germany, Japan, India and China who then sell them back to us at enormous profits. It is time to lead SA back on to the path of sanity and fairness for all! Let everyone concentrate on eliminating poverty! If the poor had more money their children would be more likely to be educated. Let us look after the poor and those who have been bankrupted by the greedy banks.

The above concept MUST apply to individuals, companies, conglomerates, and Governments!

History has proven this time and time again and yet there are those poor, naive, simple, uneducated people who get caught in these man-made traps, exploited or have no choice but to accept these crimes against humanity because of complacency and apathy by the wealthy and powerful! Zimbabwe, Syria and Libya are good examples of this! Russia appears to be moving back to this economic and political model SA is not far behind! If President Zuma wants to become the best leader this country has ever had, he needs to urgently address what I call PUICS — P=Poverty, U=Unemployment, I-Inequality and C=Corruption, and Service delivery.

I do not profess to have all the answers but I do believe it is out “there” somewhere! All I pray for is that anyone who reads this Blog will spread the word! The youth of this planet MUST take control of their own respective destinies or someone else will! The most powerful tools they have at their disposal are the little cross on a piece of paper and the Internet! Think deeply the next time you go to the voting polls! Vote with your head rather than with your heart!

I also believe that it only takes two people to start the ball rolling.

I would like to see a web site — created by someone far cleverer than me — that will allow like-minded people (global citizens) a forum to voice their concerns about these issues! Perhaps is that site! Let us not only lead in our own country but turn this around and lead the world as we did for the FIFA Football World Cup. Sadly, now we read that even this was tainted by greedy individuals. When are we, the citizens of this planet, going to put an end to corruption. The world has become money-mad!

We must never forget Thomas Carlyle’s saying: “Words without action may as well be suppressed altogether!” Please think of the millions of meetings that have taken place throughout the world and nothing or hardly anything happened to change matters that were discussed!

We must create the funds for the legal brains of the world to bring those manipulative people to the World Court for their crimes against humanity and to make them accountable for their actions!

The wealth that these guilty individuals have stolen from ALL of us must be returned to the people! I support wealth audits of politicians! The voters need to know how and where, the huge wealth comes from that they accumulate, in a very short time. An example is the Aurora Mine disaster! Not only are two well-known and connected men suddenly the owners of millions of rands, not only have they not paid their employees for many months, not only are miners being shot because they protest but these same individuals are polluting our heritage with acid water and seemingly getting away with it!

All men are born equal and free, yet why is there still so much pain, suffering and poverty on this planet? Why so much misunderstanding? I wish I had the answers but I do have an opinion on where to find them! Does the Brave New World Order even need politicians? Should a country not be run like a business to benefit ALL its stakeholders and NOT a few elitist individuals?

Those who believe in a Divine Creator (and I agree that there are those who think differently and rather let us agree to disagree and openly discuss our differences), knows that HE gave us EVERYTHING we need to create Heaven on earth but we have managed to create Hell on earth for the majority!

I am afraid the blame must lie with the egotists and the greedy which have “forced” us into the latter!

Those apathetic people (who ask “What happened!”), the complacent (the “I’m alright Jacks!”) and ask “What happened? are allowing this to happen daily!

Is it time for change? I believe the time is NOW! I just wish I had the huge financial resources necessary to MAKE it happen! Hopefully, the pen will prove to be mightier than the sword!

In fact, those huge countries, whose economies depend almost entirely on manufacturing  “swords” should start to beat them into ploughshares and the demand for conflict will reduce around the world.



Hello world!

Welcome to “A Brave New World Order” where this planet will have no poverty nor children going to bed hungry, nor dying of hunger nor babies being raped. Where there is no crime because there is full employment. Where all waste will be utilised to not only feed the poor but used to turn into useable products and to create sustainable jobs for many.

Where the manufacture of arms is no longer the major sector of any country’s economy.